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Janine Eisenächer

Performance Artist and Curator

Janine Eisenaecher (*1983, in Stassfurt/Germany) is a conceptual performance artist, based in Berlin/Germany, who develops concepts for group/duo/solo performances and site-specific interventions in public space. She works solo and in various constellations (e.g. in the performance art-duo Eisenaecher/Harder CLAIMS), mostly on serial and research oriented performance art projects related to the topics of identity, work, gender-specific questions, (post-)colonialism and economic structures in artistic work itself. In her performance work Eisenaecher uses body, objects, text, sound and video, and she currently is interested in body generated sounds, imaginary voyages and manifests. Janine Eisenaecher is a founder member of (e)at_work, a Berlin-based artistic and scientific production platform that explores object and activity related interview methods for the interaction with audiences in public space and within the art context. She is also a founder member of the performance network Emanuelle, founded as Berlin n@work. Eisenaecher's artistic practice includes curatorial and organizational work for Performer Stammtisch, a network for professional performance artists and monthly performance art and Live Art event in Berlin. Herein, she investigates forms of writing and speaking about performance art. In addition to that, Eisenaecher is board member and tutor of the art association Flutgraben e.V., where she researches and develops models of organizing artistic work and alternative formats of education with a particular focus on performance art practice. Janine Eisenaecher studies Theatre, Comparative Literature and Philosophy at Freie Universität, Berlin.

Excerpt of the solo-performance Eat Your Enemy #3 I am the Coca-Cola of art by Janine Eisenächer, created for and performed in the Edgy Women Festival 2011 at La Centrale in Montréal, Québec within the frame of the performance program "Imagined Spaces, Lost Objects" (curated by Victoria Stanton). Working on the Brazilian cultural concept Antropofagia, Eisenächer here investigates the economic structures within the field of artistic work by discussing Marina Abramovic’s position in performance art history and her relation to feminism. The artist combines quotes by Abramovic ("I am the Coca-Cola of art"), taken from several recently published interviews in art magazines, and sound pieces of the trailer for the film "Marina" with re-enactments of earlier performance works by Abramovic (Freeing The Body, performed by Laura Margita; Freeing The Voice, performed by Julianna Barabas, Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful performed by Edgar Néris). By incorporating and layering text, language, sound and performance works, Eisenächer tries to make visible the contradictions at play within the field of art and to critically reflect upon performance art history and its tradition(s).

Excerpt of the solo-performance Eat Your Enemy #2 I am white by Janine Eisenächer. This work was created for the exchange project Amongst Neighbours between artists from Berlin and Istanbul in 2009. Working on the Brazilian cultural concept Antropofagia, (post-)colonialism, imaginary voyages, the discourse of the Other and matters of identity in relation to work and gender-specific questions, Eisenächer here investigates her own identity as a white, Western European and heterosexual woman in relation to her desire of (transforming herself into) the Other, challenging the constructedness of it as well as the imagination that comes along with it. She combines these subjects with her research about Coca-Cola and thereby addresses the colonisation of the female body, e.g. in commercial spots and adverts.

Excerpt of the solo-performance Eat Your Enemy #1 Me, myself and I at work (former title Eat Your Enemy/Focus On The Symptom Ein[e] Selbst-Versuch[ung]. #1) by Janine Eisenächer. This work was created in 2007 for the Einzelkämpfer-monologue-Festival at Theaterdiscounter Berlin. It forms the 6th part of the Waiting For Cargo series, a pool of research results, scientific lectures, video and sound works and performances which has been continuously developed by the performance art-duo Eisenächer/Harder CLAIMS since 2006. Within the same festival Joy Harder presented the solo-performance But the mädels dont seem to mind which is the 7th part of the Waiting For Cargo series. Both solo-performances were strongly relating to each other.

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