* * * Projekte im Rahmen des Projekts 100.000 EURO JOB - gefördert mit Mitteln der Kulturstiftung des Bundes im Programm "Arbeit in Zukunft"
Short biography of works with artistic interview methods

Try-out of various methods and playful approaches to the interview: involving body and situation.
Berlin n@work workshop in Brzezno/Poland, May 2006
and @work network workshop in Riddarhyttan/Sweden, June 2006
Trash and Narration
First specification of methods and try-out of object-related interview methods
based on the idea of creativity, exchange and desire.
(e)at_work_1, TRASH and NARRATION. at Galerie Nikolaus Lenau,
Berlin/Germany, November 2006
Using object-related interview methods and forms of intervention,
creating intimate situation in urban public space.
Everyday Life Workshop at the @work network LAB 2 @workShop in
Helsinki/Finland, December 2006
Using object-related interview methods, creating speechless statements within the art space.
Berlin n@work, Arbeit [Definition 2.1],
Sophiensaele Berlin/Germany, June 2007

Collection of intimate confessions in urban public space.
Using site-specific interview methods, masks and props.
Workshop in cooperation with TeaterKUNST (DK), WALL 2 WALL,
Sophiensaele Berlin/Germany, March 2008
Research on possibilities of how to use interview-generated material in the art context.
Discussing the issue of representation.
(e)at_work_4, Arbeit und Identität: INTER VIEWS 1
Galerie Kurt im Hirsch Berlin/Germany, April 2008

Synthesis I.
Collection of intimate statements in the festival context.
Using object-related interview methods. Recycling of interview material in the performance situation.
Emanuelle, Synthesis I. Eurydike at Was ist das WERT?,
Dresden-Hellerau/Germany, June 2008
Activity-related interview methods as interventions in urban public space.
Transformation of interview material in the performance situation.
(e)at_work_5, INTER VIEWS 2: Bröllin - Pasewalk - Bröllin
pro.existance Festival, Schloss Bröllin/Germany, September 2008
reality crime scene
  Creating an intervention in urban public space based on interview-related tasks
given to the participants of a workshop. Trying to create an explicitly artistic scenery out of real actions outside the art space.
Reality Crime Scene